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Financial lease

LCV Lease offers entrepeneurs the advantages of business financing. The company car is your economic property and you can make use of fiscal arrangements for VAT - refund, tax depreciation, investment allowance or start up deductions. After the lease period you are the owner of the company car.

You can finance the purchase price (ex.VAT) of your company car in full or in part. You can lower your montly payment with a deposit (for example, trade in your current company car) or a conclusion.  You are responsible for insurance, road tax and maintenance from your company car.  LCV Lease  offers you two lease options.

LCV Financial Lease
LCV Financial Lease  is secure business financing.
The advantages:

  • Fixed monthly payment
  • Fixed term
  • Fixed rate
  • Duration between 12 and 60 months
  • Suits your needs as an entrepeneur
  • Tailored lease solution

LCV Executive Plan
LCV Executive plan is business financing that gives you complete freedom. The difference compared with the Financial Lease is that the interest rate is variable and you can redeem for free anytime.

  • Extra interim payments without penalty
  • Fully redeem without penalty
  • Variable term
  • Variable rate
  • Flexibility as an entrepeneur